About 50 miles from East Park Village to Galveston, Texas, the Victorian Homes, the Historic Strand and more …

Galveston was the largest Texas city before 1900. The Strand Historic District is the old commercial area. Dining, shopping, are just a couple of the many interesting activities in which you can indulge including visiting a floating oil rig and beautiful Victorian homes.

Galveston is part Southern, part Texan, it has an atmosphere all its own, residents are very laid back. Sometime local residents refer to the city as “The Republic of Galveston Island” because it is different than the rest of Texas. I recently attended my mothers funeral, in Galveston, and several of my childhood friends showed up wearing thongs, sandals and shorts.

In 1528, when the first Europeans landed, Galveston was occupied by Indians. The Spanish explorer Cabezade de Vace was shipwrecked on the Island and lived with the Karankawa Indians for several years. In the late 1600’s French explorer Robert Cavelier Le Salle claimed this area for King Louis. Galveston was named for Bernardo de Galvesz, a Spanish colonial governor.

The first known European settler was the cultured and debonair privateer Jean Lafitte. He established the colony of Campeche in 1917. The present city was incorporated in 1839, the city flourished and became a large commercial center.

The Galveston Historic Foundation website is very informative, also view www.galveston.com.

Attractions & Exhibits Space Center Theater, Blast Off Theater, Nasa Tour, Astronaut Gallery, Feel of Space, Starship Gallery and Kids Space Place.



From East Park Village RV Park, travel West on Beltway 8 to Hwy 225, go left (south) to Hwy 146, go right (west) and follow signs to Galveston. Is about 50 miles

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